We build and support the communities in which we work and live by investing in partnerships with organizations that revitalize and enrich our local neighborhoods.

At Komatsu, we work to be a valued community partner across the globe, supporting efforts that reach far beyond us to build and support the communities in which we reside. By investing in and partnering with organizations that revitalize and enrich our local neighborhoods, our employees take an active role in building the communities where they live, work and play.

Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts fall into three areas of focus, including enhancing quality of life, developing people, and growing with society, which supports organizations that deliver essential human services by working to decrease poverty, hunger and homelessness.

Affordable housing to strengthen communities

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that partners with people in communities all over the world to help them build or improve a place they can call home. Habitat homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. With this, they achieve the strength, stability and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and for their families. Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. 

Our signature partnership with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity started in 2011, driven out of a desire to engage our suppliers and employees in work that would make a meaningful impact in the community. 

Suppliers support the initiative through participation in an annual golf tournament in August.  The golf tournament has net over $722,000 since its inception. Suppliers have taken an active interest in getting to know homeowners and make positive change in the neighborhoods that surround our Milwaukee facility.

Together, with financial support from the company, suppliers and employees through a workplace giving campaign, a total of more than $1.6 million has been contributed to Milwaukee Habitat since 2011.

Komatsu employees volunteer their time to build safe and affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity

Komatsu employees volunteer their time to build safe and affordable housing through Habitat for Humanity.

With the sponsorship and build of 21 homes in the past 8 years, employees have volunteered nearly 8,500 hours in Milwaukee alone. Volunteer experiences include framing, drywall, and painting, uniting the workforce by bringing together people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The experience gives employees who typically don’t work together the opportunity to both share talents and learn new ones along the way.

Inspired by the positive employee engagement and community impact Habitat had on Milwaukee, several Komatsu locations throughout the U.S. have started their own local Habitat partnerships, including Longview, Texas, and Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Building homes, building futures

We value the work Habitat does because we recognize the ripple effect owning your own home can have. The condition and location of a family’s home can affect such things as health, education and job opportunity.

These outcomes speak to us. Investing in education is a priority, as through such an investment, we inspire and motivate the next generation of machinists, welders, engineers and innovators. A child cannot focus on their education if they are worried about where they will sleep, if they are sick from mold or mildew in their home or are worried about their safety. A safe, stable, affordable home allows both children and adults to find success in their pursuit of their education. 

Students transfer from school to school for various reasons, but one major reason is the safety and affordability of their home. By increasing homeownership, we in turn increase stability for children, allowing them the opportunity to stay in the same school from year to year. Jsonline article

Families in need of affordable housing live everywhere: small towns and villages, sprawling cities, your community. Housing needs are ubiquitous, take many forms and have far-reaching effects.

While the vast majority of Americans feel stable and secure in their current situation, housing insecurity touches nearly half of adults at some point in their lives. A majority of Americans believe that it is challenging to find affordable, quality housing in their communities and more than half of all adults say they have made at least one trade-off in order to cover their rent or mortgage. Such trade-offs may include taking second jobs, cutting back on health care and healthy food, and moving to less safe neighborhoods.

Housing instability — including frequent moves, overcrowding, and the threat of eviction or foreclosure — creates stress, depression and hopelessness for far too many families.

A decent and affordable place to live helps families by freeing them from such physical and mental hardships and places them on a path of new opportunity, increased confidence and self-reliance. A family’s partnership with Habitat means they have a stable place to live and to spend time together. An affordable mortgage or small loan means they have a chance to create savings and invest in their education. A decent roof over their heads establishes home as a place that protects — instead of endangers — their health.

Habitat works with families to help them acquire the skills and financial education necessary for them to be successful homeowners. By partnering with us, families seize the opportunity and possibility that affordable housing represents.

Through shelter, we empower

Read “Supporting neighborhood revitalization in the community” to learn more about how our employees and suppliers give back to their communities through Habitat for Humanity.