Our Peru office has been donating wood to a local women's group to help them improve the structure of their clothing workshop, allowing these mothers to work in a safer, cleaner environment.  

In the Month of the Women, our donation went to the Textile Manufacturers Association of Triunfo, an organization founded in 2016 that enables 25 mothers to create and sell wool clothes as a way of generating income for their families. The workshop allows the mothers a way of working without leaving their home and while continuing the care of their younger children. 

The group used the donated wood to improve their workshop location, allowing the organization to offer classes to their workshop participants such as sales and small business management. The women have strong financial goals, primarily to help improve their family's health and education. Therefore, the women focus on creating marketable woolen clothes (pants, sweaters, scarves, hats, etc.) that can be sold to friends and acquaintances.

In previous months, our Perú office donated wood to other organizations, such as Institute of the Jewel, Center Initial Educational Center, as well as schools. In most cases, the wood was used to build furniture that enabled additional capacity for the organization.

We are proud of our enterprising neighbors and we hope we have contributed to the dreams that will materialize from these efforts.

Peru workshop 2