Representatives from different areas and mine sites of our Chile offices, including the Labor Union, participated in this year’s community winter works of the Faculty of Business Administration of the Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), an institution that, through a foundation, builds social housing to improve the quality of people’s lives.

On the occasion, our workers - of contracts Centinela and Sierra Gorda; People Management, Antofagasta and Cuncumen’s shops - along with students of the PUC, worked hand in hand to raise social housing in the southern town of Yerbas Buenas.

Pedro Munoz, Contract Manager of Centinela, said "Our collaboration on this project has really been an enriching experience that allowed us to contribute and improve the quality of life of many families. We met people with incredibly touching stories, which helped us realize how lucky we really are. We hope to continue with these initiatives and I would like to encourage the participation of our colleagues.” 

For his part Luis Torreblanca, Head of Personnel Management, said that "for our company it was an honor to have been able to collaborate with this beautiful project, which is part of our activities of Corporate Social Responsibility scheduled for this year, aimed to help those in need. It was also a nice experience for our workers, who could see that with a good teamwork, anything is possible."

Social housing2