Each day employees at the Komatsu Mining Corp facility located on National Avenue in Milwaukee take advantage of the Hank Aaron State Trail. The paved recreational trail extends 12 miles from Lake Michigan, behind the National Avenue facility, to the Milwaukee/Waukesha county line.


When you have an impressive resource like the Trail in your own back yard it is easy to take it for granted but for over a decade Komatsu employees have recognized it as a unique treasure. Employees volunteer on a bi-weekly basis during the warmer months to pick up trash on the trail. Additionally, for over a decade, the company has invested in the upkeep and development of the Trail by sponsoring the annual 5K Run/Walk while also covering the entry fees for employees and their guests.


This past August the Komatsu team was nearly 120 people strong, made up of employees, family and friends.


“This year the Komatsu team came in as the 5th fastest team, beat only by professional running teams” commented Social Responsibility Manager, Cathy Stagmer. “While we were excited to achieve great results we always remind participants that the event is for all skill levels, from those who can run a 5-minute mile to families taking a leisurely walk with the stroller. Above all, the day proves to be a fun-filled opportunity to get out and explore the trail and enjoy some friendly competition with other companies in the area. It’s fun seeing everyone come together to enjoy a bit of nature in the middle of an industrial part of town.”


Recently Wisconsin State Department of Natural Resources Trail Manager, Melissa Cook, shared what Komatsu’s support and that of our employees means to the Trail and everyone who uses it.


“Running on what used to be called “Milwaukee’s Mason-Dixon Line”, the Hank Aaron State Trail knits together communities of various races and ethnicities and communities of manufacturing workers with people caring for the environment. The Trail is part of a large community of employers and employees who see the bigger picture of working towards the common goals of improved health, environment, and economy for all.”


Support of the Hank Aaron State Trail is part of Komatsu’s commitment to invest in the communities and neighborhoods that surround where we live and work.


“We’ve supported the Trail and its evolution in a variety of ways throughout the years” commented Cathy Stagmer, “from supporting events like the Annual 5K to funding the development of Three Bridges Park which the Trail runs through; these investments have changed the landscape and environment of our neighborhood in a positive way.


Melissa Cook highlighted some of the points that demonstrate the impact support of the Trail has made.


“The employees who participant or volunteer at the Annual 5K Run/Walk or serve on Stew Crews that care for the trail have seen the evolution from abandoned rail yards and buildings to prairies, improved river access, and miles of bike and walking trail. These improvements changed the way people looked at this almost lost landscape and helped to spur the revitalization and millions of dollars of investment into what is now a thriving and healthy place to live, work, and play.”


Cook closes by sharing, “the Hank Aaron State Trail continues to thrive because the business community and their employees have adopted it in the truest sense of the word.”


Komatsu is proud to play a role in serving as a good steward for the Trail, recognizing the impact the Trail makes for not only members of our neighborhood, but for residents and visitors to Greater Milwaukee.