This month, we are recognizing the important role manufacturing plays in our company and industry. To gain more perspective on manufacturing, we interviewed Joe Graef, Production Supervisor – Planner, who works at our National Avenue facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

In his current role, Joe goes over production metrics, identifies any bottleneck that may impede work and makes sure his team has the resources they need.  

Below, Joe provides some further insight on manufacturing.

Why were you interested in a career in manufacturing?

I like building things. The idea of making giant parts that build massive machines. It’s incredibly rewarding to see something come together physically. Watching your work progress over a long period of time to become something essential and useful to the modern world and its infrastructure is a very satisfying feeling.

How did you come to your current position?

I began my career with our company as a machinist. I spent six years in that role, but I always wanted to know more about the way things worked and how we could do better. I loved what I did and saw the company as such a unique thing that I wanted to contribute as much as possible. Eventually, I worked my way up and was given the opportunity to advance within our company.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Collaboration. We are on big team moving towards one goal. It has been a fantastic experience to interact with other departments. I love what they do and how we bring it all together to get things accomplished. I’ve also met some really cool people along the way.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

Ushering in the next generation. We want to build a training program so that people can have careers. We want to give them a path to follow to help them stay with our company and remain productive, skilled workers.

A special thank you to Joe Graef for taking the time to share his background and experience with us. Thank you for helping us create solutions that move the industry >FORWARD.