We have been a proud supporter of Junior Achievement for many years. Through programs like “JA in Day”, BizTown and Finance Park, students who go through the Junior Achievement curriculum gain a greater understanding about what it takes to success in a global economy.

Recently 20 employees from our Longview, TX facility participated in their annual fall “JA in a Day” event for 2nd and 3rd graders at their partner school, Ware Elementary. The students in 2nd grade were taught the lessons about “Our Community” This lesson offers practical information about businesses and the many jobs those businesses offer in a community. Students explore production methods through a simulation game, and they learn about taxes, decision making, and how money flows in an economy. First time JA volunteer, Selena Arias, Traffic Specialist. noticed the value of the JA lessons right away. “It gives them a better understanding of how our community works and helps prepare them for the future.”

Students in 3rd grade were taught about “Our City”, introduces students to the characteristics of cities and how cities are shaped by zoning. Students also learn about the importance of money to a city; how financial institutions help businesses and city residents; and how the media is an integral part of a city's life. Students learn the role of an entrepreneur by exploring what it takes to open a restaurant.

Teaching the students is rewarding, but also it also allows our employees to play a part in inspiring students to become the next generation of leaders by sharing relatable real life work experiences. “The curriculum ties to the education they will need to learn job skills so they can be successful in their career choices later in life” observed HR Generalist, Linda Ayres.

Each year employees in Longview visit Ware Elementary in the fall and again in spring, teaching the JA curriculum. The experience proves to be beneficial for everyone and keeps employees volunteering again and again, “It was very rewarding working with the students and seeing them so interested in what we were teaching them. You can’t help but love those kids” shared Connie Abernathy, Senior HR Assistant.