First name: Wesley

Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

Title: Senior Engineer - Advanced Automation

Employee since: 2005

Why did you want to be an engineer?

I started out as a very curious kid, and I would take things apart to see what was inside of them. Unfortunately, I didn't always know how to put them back together. Later this habit grew into wanting to build and design things out of Legos or craft supplies. I eventually got introduced to Engineering at a career day hosted by my high school and ever since then I knew that's what I wanted to do.

What do you find most important as an engineer?

To me, engineering at its core is about designing solutions to problems. So, I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that the products I develop will help our customers in some way. More recently, I have begun volunteering with the FIRST organization where I get to work with high school students to design, build and compete with robotic competitions. I enjoy helping students learn and grow their engineering mindset and the skills to solve competition challenges.

How do you approach different challenges in work as an engineer?

I treat not only the mines as my customers but also our field service, engineering, and other departments as my customers. Although what I deliver to those groups differs, I feel it is my job to utilize my knowledge and skillset to help solve their challenges, guide their decisions, or provide insight. In my time with the company, I've had many opportunities to work with various customers with a wide range of needs and my responsibilities have increased rapidly over the years. I have been able to make a positive impact on my customers and at Joy Global.

What advice did you receive that impacted you in your path towards engineering?

My engineering advisor in college told me once that an engineer's best tool is their brain. I should treat my brain like a muscle and work to make it stronger, always improve my understanding, and increase my capability.  Since then, I have tried to stay up-to-date on the latest innovations and breakthroughs in engineering and through continuing education and volunteer work try to broaden my abilities.

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