First name: Shannon

Location: Franklin, PA, USA

Title: Team Lead -Shearer Electrics

Employee since: 2006

Describe your daily work responsibilities...

My daily work responsibilities include overseeing electrical engineering specifications for shearers in production, evaluating and maintaining all necessary certifications for shearers globally, participating in development projects, evaluating field data, and performing engineering calculations for all above scenarios.

Did anyone ever inspire you to be an engineer?

My grandfather was an electrician and I always enjoyed helping him out with electrical projects. When it came time to decide on a major, Electrical Engineering seemed like a natural fit. Additionally, my strong points in school were science and math.

How do engineers impact the customers they work with?

Engineering maintains a close relationship with our customers. All of our machine designs are based on past experience with customers across the globe. We offer individual solutions to fit each customer's specific needs. My work can directly produce solutions for anything from better accessibility for miner operators to increased production needs.

What's the best piece of advice you received on your path to becoming an engineer?

Learn to be a team player. When you are in school, this can be a study group or a lab partner. You will find that when you are part of a team, you will achieve far more as a group than as an individual. 

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