First name: Raul

Location: Arequipa, Peru

Title: Service Engineer - Product Support

Employee since: 2010

What is your favorite part about being an engineer?

Being part of the product support department, sharing my thoughts with other experienced engineers, and being able to teach my experiences to new service engineers. 

What motivated you to be an engineer?

Since I was a child, I always liked to take things apart and put them back together. At age 13, I very good at mathematics and physics in high school. I enjoyed reading books on electronics that my father used and I started gaining a strong interest. So, when I was 15, I decided to study Mechatronics Engineering, which combined mechanical engineering with electronics. 

What are your daily responsibilities in your role?

I am currently in the product support department as a Service Engineer in Peru, so my daily responsibilities are to give support to AC and DC shovels for mines, participate in daily meetings with customers in order to plan backlogs and tasks for shovels during the week, and provide advice to customers for support. I also review Salesforce cases, prepare internal reports, and review fault logs from shovels and analyze them in order to prevent failures (supported by PreVail system). This information is then delivered to the customer every month. 

What advice would you give a student interested in pursuing engineering?

Engineering is always evolving, so you must be evolving as well.  Do not waste time inventing something that someone else has already done. Many people work in something they do not like and are not happy. There is nothing better than working on what you like and getting paid for it. 

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