First name: Kaonou

Location: Milwaukee, WI, USA

Title: Senior Engineer

Employee since: 2014

What excites you about being an engineer?

Engineering takes ideas and turns them into reality. Then they work with almost every other department in the company to bring those ideas and concepts to life.

What is one piece of advice you would give a student wanting to pursue engineering?

Definitely pursue it. It is a rewarding career where you can apply your skills to take your ideas and designs and make them a reality that can help solve problems all over the world. You get to work with technology, you are part of making new technology, and you get to work with and learn from some of the smartest people you will ever know.

 What is a typical day for an engineer?

I work with other engineers to build new machines and improve the machines that we make for customers.  We take the sales order for the machines and prepare the drawings and bills of material so that the correct machine can be built as quickly, cost effectively and safely as possible for the customer. Along the way, I work with several parts of the organization from marketing, sales, supply chain, manufacturing and product to ensure that we are able to deliver the final product.

How has the work you do made a difference for your customers?

The work I do directly provides solutions to some of our customer's toughest challenges. It helps them to improve the machine reliability so they can use it to its full potential to generate revenue. IT helps them safely operate the machines so people are less likely to be in harm's way. It helps the machines get commissioned quickly so they can be put into service to generate revenue for the customer as soon as possible. And it helps the customer to get back up and running if the machine is ever down. 

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