First name: Carlos

Location: Pena Colorada, Mexico

Title: Electrical Engineer

Employee since: 2013

What's the best piece of advice you received about engineering?

The engineer should not know everything, but you must know where to look and to find out how to understand it. 

What interested you in becoming an engineer?

When I got into engineering, there were two specialties in which I always had an interest.  On the mechanical side, I only knew the basics and had very little practice. As for electricity, I had very little knowledge, but had a strong interest and wanted to understand how it worked.

How as the work you do changed over time?

Initially when I started as an electrical technician, I was a part of developing wiring work for shovels and developing the connection of power and control. Then I had the opportunity to be the electrical supervisor for the blades and later went overseas to be a supervisor for the bracket products. Now I focus on comprehensive analysis to develop growth, innovation, and product development without detracting from the quality.

What do you value most about being an engineer?

Having the knowledge and the foundation to explain how and why a machine failure occurs and also to ensure excellent performance of the repaired finished solution. 

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