You enjoy knowing and understanding a product from inception. Designing or building from the ground up. You care about the exceptional quality of your work and you know that using the most efficient processes and leading edge technologies from the beginning will deliver value to the customer at the end. Careers in product development and manufacturing are about making sure it's right, from the start. 


You're looking for a place where engineers do real, highly customized engineering. Our engineers push the limits of gear-train power density, harness the application of materials and manufacturing processes, and program the subtleties of automated control systems. We are always seeking innovative solutions and thriving on expanding technologies.

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Product management

As a member of our product management team, you have the pulse on the market. Competitive analyses, value propositions, and industry expertise for the entire product line. You know the voice of our customer intimately and will drive strategies for future product innovation that exceed customer expectations. 


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