Meet  Ron, Product Engineer, Shuttle Cars.

As a supervisor in an engineering department, Ron gets the opportunity to combine his passion for engineering with his intrigue for how vehicles function. This interest began in high school, when he discovered his love for math and science.

Ron attended Butler Community College (BCC) in Butler, Pennsylvania, U.S. where he received his Associate’s degree in Applied Science, specializing in Machine Drafting and Design. After graduating from BCC, he continued his education and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania, U.S., and a Master’s in Business Administration for Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.

A typical day for Ron includes supervising about ten employees as they engineer new shuttle car orders. He also reviews new orders, answers questions from sales, service, supply chain and quality personnel and give sales presentations.

When asked what his greatest accomplishment has been in his 38 years at Komatsu, Ron shared it was the success of the people he has hired and the connections he has made.

“Early in my career, I was asked to interview a potential candidate for employment, and I thoroughly enjoyed the task,” he said. “I have interviewed 175 potential new hires since that time and am proud to say many of the people I was involved in hiring are now high-performing engineering personnel, managers and directors.”

Ron is helping move Komatsu forward by working hard to design safe and reliable products for our customers. He believes the future of engineering will revolve around customization and automation, two areas in which Komatsu excels.

Outside of the office, Ron enjoys spending time with his family of six and creating adventures on family vacations.

Thank you to Ron for all his hard work at Komatsu and helping us move >FORWARD!