Meet Jason, Product Manager-Analytics and Smart Solutions.

Growing up on a dairy farm in Loganville, Wisconsin, U.S., Jason learned from an early age how to take things apart and put them back together; fixing things and solving problems. He frequently worked with several types of machinery, eventually building his own tractor to compete in tractor pulls.

Jason attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S., which is where he started to consider engineering as a career.

“It was really interesting to me,” said Jason. “In college, I really began to understand the math and processes behind how I had been fixing things my whole life. At that point, I felt like engineering chose me.”

In his current role, Jason’s typical day involves attending a daily team standup SCRUM (project rundown) meeting to identify any blockers the team may have while working on its two-week sprint. The rest of his day consists of a mix of reviewing code, working on a new mobile application, focusing on key initiative projects for continuous improvements with customers and working with the regions to standardize processes and streamline communications. He also visits with customers at their sites and our regional teams at offices around the globe.

In his time with the company, Jason has accumulated 13 U.S.-issued patents and 22 U.S. applications, several of which have been issued globally. His projects included the 2650, roller circle analysis for draglines and shovels, rear room development for AC shovels, developing the forging standards for P&H, adaptive controls and roof monitoring for longwall systems.

Jason is helping move Komatsu forward by working with teams from across the organization as part of the Big Data & Analytics and Continuous Improvement task force workstreams – finding ways to leverage our products and services and provide one face to the customer.

“Our customers are hungry for the services we offer through Smart Solutions, MineWare, Modular and KOMTRAX PLUS,” said Jason. “Now we are working together to find the best ways to combine offerings and provide solutions that will make the difference for their operation. I’m also working with our teams to launch a mobile app for Smart Solutions that is going to make it easier to access the essential data and information we can provide. “

A fun fact about Jason is that throughout college, he was a DUKW (colloquially known as a Duck) Driver and tour guide in Wisconsin Dells, which provide tours of the area both on land and water. Outside of work, Jason enjoys bow hunting, barbecuing, researching the latest gadgets and spending time with his family.

Thank you to Jason for all his hard work at Komatsu and helping us move >FORWARD!