Meet Ben, Engineer – Service Products & Consumables.

Growing up, Ben liked to build things and take machines apart. He was especially interested in doing this to ATVs (all-terrain vehicles). He began to consider engineering as a career during high school while he was taking a mechanical drawing class. The course allowed him to discover his talents for creating concepts and designs. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania, U.S. and a Master of Business Administration from Gannon University in Gannon, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Ben is the group leader for the drum engineering team and spends most of his time managing the team’s schedule and aiding designers with manufacturing and design issues. Additionally, he works closely with contract management, product fulfillment and sales to ensure the drum engineering is fulfilling the needs and expectations of our customers.

Prior to working at KMC, Ben worked for First Energy Corp. as a power plant engineer at the Bruce Mansfield Power Plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania. At the time, this was their largest coal fired power station.

“It has been a unique experience working in two different industries that are so closely related,” said Ben. “I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that some of the equipment and products that I have worked on during my time here at KMC are used to mine the coal that fuels the power plant I used to work for.”

Ben is moving Komatsu forward, helping the drum engineering team streamline its activities and incorporating lean management principles into their day to day practices. He is also working with product and upper level management to implement practices and tools to create more accurate designs and improve on-time delivery of production drum orders. His latest effort is aimed at improving group efficiency by developing a drum engineering schedule that allows the design team to develop and release production drum engineering on a chronological, order by order basis.

Outside of work, Ben is incredibly active and enjoys hunting, fly fishing, alpine skiing and archery. In fact, he frequently travels to compete in Olympic-style archery events and tried out for the U.S. National Team in 2004-2005. He is also a connoisseur of barbecue food and tries to experiment with his own recipes as much as possible.

Thank you to Ben for all his hard work at Komatsu and helping us move >FORWARD!