Carve the coolest pumpkin on the block

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Komatsu pumpkin carving templates

Halloween’s almost here and it’s time to get carving.

We recognize the important role we can play in encouraging the next generation of innovative and skilled STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) professionals. Mentoring in the classroom, job shadowing, factory tours, or mentoring robotics teams are just some of the outreach Komatsu employees are involved in to work with students and encourage kids of all genders and backgrounds to participate in a variety of programs and activities.

Nothing says fall like carving pumpkins, and we’ve provided some templates below so you can showcase a favorite Komatsu machine from the construction, forestry, material handling or mining industry.

Carve the coolest pumpkin on your block today.

  1. Click on the image or link below and print out a PDF template.
  2. Tape the template to your pumpkin.
  3. Use a very small nail or straight pin to poke holes along the path of the design or use a fine-pointed ballpoint pen to firmly trace the design onto your pumpkin through the paper.
  4. Remove the template and carve along your marked lines.
  5. Share a photo with us on social media!
Komatsu battery hauler pumpkin carving template 

Click BatteryHauler_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a Joy battery hauler, used in underground hauling in mines.

Komatsu blasthole drill pumpkin carving template 

Click BlastholeDrill_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a rotary blasthole drill for mining operations.

Komatsu continuous miner pumpkin carving template 

Click ContinuousMiner_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a Joy 12CM27 continuous miner, used in underground mining of industrial minerals.

Komatsu dozer pumpkin carving template 

Click Dozer_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a D85PXi-18 crawler dozer.

Komatsu electric rope shovel pumpkin carving template 

Click ElectricShovel_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a P&H 4100XPC electric rope shovel.

Komatsu excavator pumpkin carving template
Click Excavator_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a PC138USLC-11 mid-sized excavator.

Komatsu feller buncher pumpkin carving template 

Click FellerBuncher_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of an XT445L-5 feller buncher, a type of harvester used in logging.

Komatsu forklift pumpkin carving template 

Click Forklift_ PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of an electric forklift, the AM50.

Komatsu forwarder pumpkin carving template
Click Forwarder_ PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of an 835 forwarder, with maneuverability and power optimal for thinning in the forestry industry. 

Komatsu harvester pumpkin carving template

Click Harvester_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a 901 harvester, used in everything from smarter thinning to heavy-duty final felling in the forestry industry.

Komatsu haul truck pumpkin carving template
Click HaulTruck_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of an off-highway haul truck.

Komatsu jumbo drill pumpkin carving template

Click JumboDrill_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a jumbo drill used in hard rock mining operations.

Komatsu mechanical loader pumpkin carving template

Click MechanicalLoader_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a mechanical loader used in hard rock mining operations.

Komatsu shuttle car pumpkin carving template

Click ShuttleCar_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a Joy shuttle car used for batch haulage in underground mining operations.

Komatsu wheel loader pumpkin carving template

Click WheelLoader_PumpkinCarvingTemplate.pdf to download a template of a wheel loader used in mining operations.

Download a template today, get carving, then share a photo of your pumpkin with us on social!

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