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Komatsu Mining proximity detection system preview image

Komatsu and Consol Energy earn national mining safety innovation award

by Staff Writer

A partnership with customer Consol Energy Inc., enabled the development of a new technology safety innovation that supports the extraction of essential minerals. This advanced system was recently honored with an award from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

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Komatsu has supported the clearing of about 1,400 landmines spread across more than 1,700 hectares of land in western Cambodia.

Heavy machinery helps foster community growth and development in Cambodia

by Caley Clinton

Since 2008, Komatsu has been supporting a unique community growth and development project to help Cambodia remove landmines and redevelop villages where families can live, work and play without fear.

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Komatsu’s Awazu manufacturing plant in Japan uses renewable energy power for a sustainable future.

Using renewable energy power for a sustainable future

by Caley Clinton

Built in 2014, Komatsu’s Awazu assembly plant in Japan was designed to support the use renewable energy power for a sustainable future. While building the new facility, the team’s goal was to cut electric power consumption in half while supporting new business in the community.

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Komatsu's Awazu plant

Manufacturing facility reduces energy consumption by 90 percent

by Caley Clinton

Komatsu’s Awazu plant in Japan uses biomass to reduce its reliance on traditional energy sources, cutting its consumption by 90 percent. The facility is a great example of how Komatsu is focused on reducing its energy dependence and enhance sustainability.

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Engineers inspire future innovators preview image

Engineers inspire future innovators through high school robotics

by Leah Harnack

Through various high school robotics competitions, our engineers are guiding the innovators of the future. Komatsu values STEM mentoring programs that provide tomorrow’s innovators with real-life learning experiences so they can identify solutions to solve mining’s toughest challenges.

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Junior Achievement featured image

Junior Achievement: Our employees teach for a day

by Leah Harnack

Junior Achievement programs inspire today’s youth to become responsible, respectful professionals in the workplace and society. Komatsu is proud to support their programs, including JA in a Day, JA BizTown, and JA Finance Park, by investing financially and with employee volunteer support.

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