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Brazil tree planting

UN sustainable development goals

by Staff writer

What are they and why are they important?

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Komatsu executives planting trees in Appalachia

Our sustainable future together is essential business

by Jill Rick

Komatsu’s commitment to creating a sustainable future is reflected in our actions internally and externally, and something we seek to strengthen with each opportunity to do more. We are committed to working toward reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact throughout our value chain.

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SmartSolutions from Komatsu Mining

The future of mining: Four trends for tomorrow's success

by Staff Writer

The increasing demand for minerals and metals is pushing the digital transformation and new technologies that are transforming mining to be more efficient, more economical, safer and less impactful on the environment.

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Mining potash

Uses of minerals in everyday life

by Staff Writer

Everything society depends on is either grown, made from minerals, or relies on minerals for its production and advances in electronics, in particular, are driving the recent explosion in mineral usage. Today’s mining supports the achievements of tomorrow.

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Appalachian forests

A reforestation project to bring back Appalachian forests

by Caley Clinton

Since 2009, Green Forests Work (GFW) have planted millions of trees in Appalachia. Now, through a partnership with Komatsu, GFW is on track to restore an additional 1,000 acres in West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest by 2021.

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P&H L-1350 wheel loader

Komatsu’s new Electric Drive Innovation Center focuses expanding the capabilities of SR Technology

by Staff Writer

Breakthroughs do not come out of nowhere. They are born out of years of hard work and they happen in places like Komatsu’s new Electric Drive Innovation Center located in Longview, Texas, U.S.

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Copper being processed

Endangered elements: Why mining matters now more than ever

by Leah Harnack

2019 is the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements and the campaign publicizes the increased scarcity of elements and the importance of mining.

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Reclaiming Three Bridges Park preview

Reclaiming Three Bridges Park

by Staff Writer

Komatsu Mining Corp partnered with the Urban Ecology Center to revitalize a park that had once been vacant and neglected for decades.

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Komatsu’s Awazu manufacturing plant in Japan uses renewable energy power for a sustainable future.

Using renewable energy power for a sustainable future

by Caley Clinton

Built in 2014, Komatsu’s Awazu assembly plant in Japan was designed to support the use renewable energy power for a sustainable future. While building the new facility, the team’s goal was to cut electric power consumption in half while supporting new business in the community.

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Komatsu's Awazu plant

Manufacturing facility reduces energy consumption by 90 percent

by Caley Clinton

Komatsu’s Awazu plant in Japan uses biomass to reduce its reliance on traditional energy sources, cutting its consumption by 90 percent. The facility is a great example of how Komatsu is focused on reducing its energy dependence and enhance sustainability.

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